Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back to School Night!

Welcome parents of the 2011-12 Concert Choir!

It is a pleasure to meet you (and in some cases see you again)! This is the Concert Choir blog spot where I will post important updates and reminders for this class. We accomplish a lot within the course of the year and it is a testament to your childrens dedication and hard work that this is possible.

Here is a brief overview of my course requirements/ expectations. More information can be found in the previous posts.

In my class I look for students to come in with a desire to sing and a willingness to learn about vocal technique, musical literacy and different musical styles. In small pull out lessons, which occur once a week, students will learn how to read music using the solfege system as well as with count singing. We tackle a multitude of languages throughout the year and these lessons will assist them in finessing their pronunciation as well as grasping more advanced vocal techniques in a smaller class setting.

I ask that they refrain from texting, chewing gum and talking in my class so that we can have a productive and effective working environment. For the most part, they do a wonderful job of adhering to these classroom rules.

The concert dates are listed below. The night rehearsal will be scheduled so that you have at least one months advanced notice. Their attendance at this rehearsal is imperative for the concert to be a success, since it is our only time with the accompanist.

Winter Concert- Thursday, December 15

Jazz Festival- Thursday, April 19

HSW Gala Concert- Saturday, March 24

Spring Concert- Thursday, June 5

I look forward to another successful year of concerts and NYSSMA adjudications! Thank you for coming tonight. Attached there is a link to the rotational lesson schedule. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is: and my number is (631) 382-3044.


Sarah Christy

Lesson Schedule

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gentle Reminder

Hello all,

The first few weeks have been going well and its been a pleasure getting to know your voices! Just a few reminders about lessons!

- Make sure you are following the rotation!!! I have had multiple emails about some of you doubling up on particular periods two weeks in a row. Remember you should not miss a class more than once a month.

- Bring your music and a pencil!! Some of you are not receiving a full credit for the lessons because you are unprepared.

- Come to lessons!!! This is the bulk of your grade so don't forget.

See you in class!

Ms. Christy

ps. Here is a video of 'Ezekiel' that one of our sopranos found. Enjoy :)