Monday, April 23, 2012

Alive Inside

Last year I completed my masters degree by researching how musical study impacts the connections in our brain between the two hemispheres. It was inspired after I read a book by neurologist, Oliver Sacks called Musicolphilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. His studies of brain synapses and musics influence upon them has made music therapy a growing field for treatment of disabilities and for children diagnosed with ADHD, asbergers, and autism (to name as few).

This weekend I got wind of two films that have been inspired by Dr. Sacks work. One is a documentary called Alive Inside which premeired April 18th. I have a clip from it that I found on YouTube. It is based around Oliver Sacks studies on using music as treatment for elderly patients in nursing homes. The other is a film that premeired at the Sundance Film Festival called, The Music Never Stopped. If you have some free time, I would encourage you to check out these films.

Alive Inside clip:

The music never stopped, trailer: