Monday, March 1, 2010

Changes due to Snow Days/ Godspell

This weeks testing and lesson schedule is going to be slightly altered due to Fridays snowday.

More than anything I am concerned about you making up the lessons you have all been missing because of this and previous snowdays. This weeks lessons are 2, 4 & 5 periods. This Wednesday's lessons will be meeting on Thursday WITH THE THURSDAY LESSON GROUPS due to Godspell previews that I will be involved with during the day.

In addition, I will be holding 2 makeup lessons on 7th period Thursday and 7th period Friday.

Your test for this week I am moving to the week of March 8th. That means that the week of March 8th you will be tested on Witness, Londonderry Air and Alleluia. It must be MEMORIZED! I expect confident, well prepared performances as some of you need to work to raise your grades from the test on Muie.

See you in rehearsal!! Hope you enjoyed the unexpected three day weekend.

Mrs. Christy