Thursday, September 8, 2011


Welcome back everyone to another year in Concert Choir. I am looking forward to another productive and successful year with you all.

Attached is the course syllabus. Please download it and review it with your parent/guardian. Bring me back the signature sheet by Monday, September 12.

Please remember that you need to come see me for your vocal placement test before the end of the day on Friday.

-Mrs. Christy

Concert Choir Syllabus

For those of you who are having trouble opening the google doc, here it is. You can copy paste it into word so you can print it.

Concert Choir Syllabus

Mrs. Christy

September 7. 2011

Course Description:

The 9-12 grade Concert Choir is a mixed choral ensemble that performs in three concerts and one adjudication throughout the school year. The ensemble will develop their knowledge and abilities as musicians through performing a variety of choral repertoire as well as utilizing sight-singing materials.

Course Objectives:

- Students will be provided with a high quality performance experience.

- Students will successfully perform a variety of choral repertoire for the school and community.

- Students will explore and become aware of different styles of music, with emphasis on various historical and cultural styles. Students will study text in a variety of languages.

- Students will develop musical competencies: sight singing, music theory, and correct vocal technique.

- Students will be able to correctly use and define various musical terms and concepts.

- Students will be provided with an environment for vocal development as an individual and ensemble.

- Students will be prepared for evaluations of material covered during class, by performance, written tests and individual vocal assessments.

- Students will foster an appreciation for music that will continue for the rest of their lives.


No. 2 Pencils

Small Notebook

Black Choral Folder / Binder

Choral Repertoire (provided by Smithtown HSW)

Sight-singing book- Mixed level 1 (provided by Smithtown HSW)

Concert Dates:

Winter Concert- Thursday, December 15

Jazz Festival- Thursday, April 19

HSW Gala Concert- Saturday, March 24

Spring Concert- Thursday, June 5

Other Important Dates:

November 18 All County 2011

November 3-5 HSW Drama Production

December 8& 13 West Winter Concerts

March 8-10 HSW Musical Production

March 10 SCMEA Concert

March 30 & 31 All State Solo Festival

April 18 & 19 NYSSMA Solo Festival

May 17, 22 & 31 West Spring Concerts

June 6 SFOM Awards Night

Rehearsal/ Attendance Policy:

All rehearsals and concerts are MANDATORY. The Smithtown High School West attendance policy applies for this course and students should strive to arrive early to rehearsals so that they many begin on time. Three tardies will be considered to be one absence.

Prior to all concerts there will be an additional, MANDATORY rehearsal in the evening. If a student fails to attend this rehearsal, they will not be permitted to sing in the concert. This means all coaches and employers must be notified in advance of these rehearsals. If a student is ill, but has been in school that day, they are still expected to attend rehearsal that evening. These students will follow along with their music while sitting in the audience. ONLY the director may authorize an absence from the evening rehearsal or concert. Please understand this policy is in place so that our choir may have a most successful performance.

Course Grading:

- Daily Grade/ Class Participation- 50%

- Attendance (lessons and rehearsal)- 30%

- Quarterly Exam- 10%

- Quarterly Sight-Singing Exam- 10%

Daily Grade/ Class Participation:

Class Participation is the most important aspect of this ensemble. Each week there will be 100 points given for each student. (20 points/day) Students are expected to warm up, stand, sing and will be responsible for the information that is discussed in rehearsal. Students can loose points for:

- Food/ Drink/Gum – (10 points)

- Cell Phones- (20 points) **

- Behavior Issues- (20 points)

- Does not participate in class- (20 Points)

- Tardiness- (10 points)

If you are too ill to quietly follow along and mark your score, you are too ill to be in school. Even if you are physically unable to sing, you are expected to have your music open and be listening to the rehearsal. Reading or doing homework for another class is not an option and will result in an additional loss of 20 points.

***Cell phones are not permitted in rehearsal. If you are caught with a cell phone you will lose the 20 points and receive a warning. After your first warning, the phone will be confiscated and can be picked up from the main office at the end of the school day.

Please remember that three tardies are equivalent to one absence. Excessive absences will result in failure or at the least, a lowered grade.

Please remember that the return of classroom materials does impact your grade. You are expected to hand back the music, folder and sight-singing materials in the condition they were received with your assigned number at the top.

Lesson Requirements:

Students are expected to follow the rotating lesson schedule and come once a week to the lesson with their assigned lesson group. Failure to attend lessons will result in a lowered grade. In their lessons they will follow the same classroom rules and come prepared with the same materials. Students will work on their choral repertoire as well as the development of their vocal technique. They will have tests as a small vocal section and individually. They will be responsible for all the material covered in lessons. This material will be on their written exams and assignments.


We will be emphasizing sight-reading skills using the do based solfege system and definition of terms. Sight-singing materials will now be given to each student and will be incorporated into our warm-ups.

Classroom Rules:

- Be on time.

- Be courteous and respectful.

- Do not talk during instruction.

- Bring a pencil to every class.

- No gum.

- No food or drink other than water.

- Be ON TIME for all rehearsals and lessons.

Concert Attire:

Men: Black Suit Jacket, Black dress pants, White button down shirt, Tie, Dress Shoes.

Women: Full length black dress with black dress shoes.

I have read and understand the course syllabus. I recognize that I am required to attend all concerts and rehearsals to be a successful participant in this class.

Student Signature: ________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________