Friday, September 18, 2009

Jazz Choir

This year the Jazz Choir was very difficult to select. You will notice I went with a higher number than I had said before, that is how close this audition was. You all had a wonderful audition and should be very proud of the effort you put in and your performances. You all scored very well so the selection became about blend and balance. You will notice for many of you I have shifted your voice part from what you normally sing in choir. This is because Jazz requires a very subtle quality that I felt your other register captured better than what you sing in our more classically based choral repertoire. For those of you who were not selected, please please PLEASE come back next year! I was very excited and impressed with what I heard and hope to see you try again. if you want to know my comments about your audition, please come speak to me, that way you can know what to work on for next time. For many of you there are changes in technique that you can practice and listen to. I am more than willing to help you in that area.

Congrats to all of you that were selected! I am very excited for the year ahead and we are going to start the year running. Next weekend is homecoming and we will be singing! Therefore, in addition to Thursdays rehearsal, we will meet for a half hour to forty minutes after school on Monday. That way we can get the business side of things (aka tee-shirts selected, music handed out) and not waste time on Thursday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and see you in school Monday.

Soprano: Deanna G., Colleen M., Natasha M., Carolann O., Kim S., Georgia T., Brittany W.
Alto: Elena F., Cristin F., DyAnne, Heather M., Alyssa P., Maddy S.
Tenor: James H., Steve G, Anthony P., Nick B
Bass: Dan C., Dom G., Sean M., Louden W.

Ms. Kvam